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Stanford is a small township in a quiet and rustic part of Indiana. While the community might be small, it is a passionate one that provides safe streets and community activities for its residents. Stanford also has the benefit of being located near Bloomington, so there is always access to important amenities. But even in quiet places like Stanford, pest problems can run wild. And when they do, look no further than SureShot Pest Control.

Our company was proudly established in 2007 by a team of dedicated veterans, so integrity and service are behind everything that we do.  Our trusted Santa Clara County pest control is always going to be customized to the specific needs that you have, and we promise that there will always be an option that is within your budget. We’ll also never make you sign a contract and we aim to provide seamless interactions that make your life easier. For more information on our services, please call us today.

Residential Pest Control In Stanford

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At SureShot Pest Control, we know how stressful it can be to have an active pest problem in your home that you can’t see or fully understand. Since 2007, we have been providing our neighbors with reliable pest control that never requires a contract but always delivers on results.

In addition to being a locally owned company with an expert knowledge of the area’s pests, we follow strict Integrated Pest Management methods so that we can customize a treatment program for you that focuses on addressing the root cause of your issues. Programs that follow these guidelines are also very safe and emphasize habit changes in addition to the high-quality services, like spot treatments, perimeter sprays, and crevice fillings, that they employ. All of these offerings are budget-conscious and guaranteed to deliver results. To protect your home with residential pest control in Stanford, please call us today. 

Commercial Pest Control In Stanford

A pest problem can have big implications for your business, which is why the team at SureShot Pest Control is here to help. Since 2007, our local, veteran-owned company has been keeping businesses like yours free of pest problems with our extensive training, attention to detail, and dedication to customer satisfaction.

When you contact us, we’ll begin by performing a comprehensive property inspection where we look for high-traffic areas, conducive conditions, and pest activity. This will give us the information we need in order to build a treatment program for your specific needs. The maintenance schedule that we build will also suit your needs and can occur as frequently as weekly or bi-monthly if the situation warrants it.

Some of the types of customers we service include houses of worship, medical facilities, warehouses, state buildings, and restaurants. We can adapt each service we offer and always stand by the results. To learn more about our Stanford commercial pest control process, please call us today.

Are These Ants Around My Stanford Property Dangerous?

Ants in Stanford are one of the most common pests that you’ll encounter around your Stanford property, but they’re not all the same with regard to severity and danger. Perhaps the most threatening species that you might find is the fire ant, which is easy to identify based on its coloring and presence outdoors. They build mounds while they’re trying to access the ground but if you disturb them, they may sting you, which can lead to full-bodied allergic reactions like nausea, vomiting, swelling, fever, and chills.

Another common and dangerous type of ant is the carpenter ant, which poses a threat because of the property damage they cause when burrowing inside the wood around your property. If you’re looking to eliminate the dangerous ants around your property, SureShot Pest Control is the team to call. We perform affordable and effective ant control treatments to keep you safe whenever you need us. For more information on these services, please call us today.

Is Professional Mosquito Treatment Right For My Stanford Home?

Each spring, mosquitoes in Stanford begin to show themselves around homes like yours, and they hang around until temperatures cool down in the fall. But during the summer, mosquitoes have the ability to make your life very uncomfortable. The mosquito is considered a seasonal pest, which means that they will return at this time every year, making them essentially unavoidable.

There are surprisingly simple things that will further the attraction of mosquitoes, such as having areas of standing water around your property, unkempt trees and hedges, and not mowing your lawn regularly. These types of conditions make a property very conducive to mosquito populations; however, the simple existence of people will also lure them. They feed off of human blood and things like blood type, perfume, sweat, and body odor, and the time of day can draw mosquitoes to a property. Because of these reasons, there is truly no replacement for professional mosquito treatments in Stanford. For more information on reliable seasonal mosquito control, call SureShot Pest Control today. 

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