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Bloomfield is a small, neighborly town that’s located approximately 40 minutes outside of Bloomington. The community has good public schools, brewing companies, pizza joints, and lots of other locally owned businesses that make Bloomfield such a friendly place to live. Throughout the year, residents of this sleepy town are likely to experience pest problems because of seasonal conditions, and when that happens, SureShot Pest Control is here to help.

Since 2007, we have been providing businesses and homeowners premium Greene County pest control that never requires contracts or commitments. As a locally owned company, we believe in delivering reliable, high-quality services at an affordable price without exception. We customize each treatment program that we implement and will not stop until we’ve completely eradicated your pest problems.

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Residential Pest Control In Bloomfield

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At SureShot Pest Control, we keep Bloomfield homes like yours pest-free by following Integrated Pest Management (IPM) guidelines, which are the industry’s gold standard. What this means for you is that our highly trained technicians will always perform total home assessments during each visit so that we can understand the scope of your pest problems and perform the treatments required to eliminate them.

We’ll seal up entry points, remove spider webs and wasp nests, and power spray your exterior perimeter among other treatments. Because we follow IPM standards, we typically recommend follow-up service as well. All of our services come with free estimates as well as a pest-free guarantee no matter the situation so we are able to restore your peace of mind.

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Commercial Pest Control In Bloomfield

A pest problem can be troublesome for your Bloomfield business, but with professional intervention from SureShot Pest Control, that doesn’t have to be the case. We work with a diverse variety of businesses on both correcting pest problems and preventing future ones. As a locally owned business ourselves, we believe in doing everything that we can to help our neighbors, which is why we aim to provide outstanding service at every step. We will always provide complete property inspections that look at places such as harborage areas and high-traffic sites, customize a treatment program to your needs, and work until your pest worries are gone. For optimal results, we recommend monthly visits.

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Expert Advice On Total Flea Control For Your Bloomfield Home

Flea and tick season in Bloomfield can be dangerous for residents as well as their pets because these parasites can spread harmful pathogens that lead to heartworm, Lyme disease, and anemia. Here are a few helpful hints that you can try to keep these pests out of your home:

  • For people with pets, talk to a vet about year-round flea and tick control. If pets have been outside or have come into contact with unknown animals, always check them for signs of fleas and ticks and wash their bedding regularly. 
  • When spending time outside, opt for long pants that can be tucked into tall socks. Try to wear light colors and before heading inside, always perform a detailed flea and tick inspection of your clothes and personal items. 
  • At home, keep the yard tidy by mowing routinely and keeping grass to its short yet optimal height, avoid overwatering, get rid of yard debris, and scale back hedges to eliminate shady areas. 
  • Try to keep wildlife off of your property by using decoy animals, storing outdoor garbage in bins with secure lids, and turning on porch lights at night.

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Why Bloomfield Homeowners Should Consider Rodent Control

When it comes to rodents, there’s no better solution for Bloomfield homeowners than seeking professional assistance. To start, rodents like rats and mice tend to live in the corners of homes that residents simply can't reach, like inside of walls, whereas outside, moles and voles dig tunnels deep beneath the ground’s surface and they hardly breach the surface. If homeowners do come across these pests, they might find a significant population, as mice can have eight litters of pups each year while rats can have six. Professional help can address an entire infestation while DIY methods target one rodent at a time and often contain the wrong type of bait. Additionally, rodents like moles, rats, and mice are usually carriers of parasites like fleas and ticks, which they spread very easily. Allowing an infestation to continue can make this secondary infestation even worse.

At SureShot Pest Control, we offer homeowners comprehensive and lasting rodent control solutions in Bloomfield. Our service begins with a complete home inspection to determine the type of rodent that’s present and then build a treatment protocol to remove and prevent them. We use baiting systems, traps, and exclusion that the average homeowner simply doesn’t have access to. For more information on our rodent offerings, please call us today. 

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