Why Spiders Come Inside Greenville Homes And How To Keep Them Out

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Of all the different types of pests to invade your home, spiders might be one of the worst. While spiders are helpful to the ecosystem and serve as a natural form of pest control for many insects and smaller pests, they can nevertheless be a huge nuisance (or even a health hazard) to people when they invade homes.

With so many different types of spiders, it can be tough to determine what type of infestation you’re dealing with, and even harder to figure out if they’re dangerous or not. At SureShot Pest Control LLC, we believe you shouldn’t have to deal with the spiders alone. That’s why we offer comprehensive pest control in Greenville for homeowners like you. Read on to learn if we are right for you!

Characteristics Of The Common Spider

Michigan has many different types of spiders, but no matter what kind you’re dealing with, they all are built similarly. Spiders all have two different parts to their body -- the abdomen and the thorax. The abdomen is the second part of the body, while the thorax is connected to the head of the spider. Every type of spider also has eight legs. Size, color, markings, and behavior vary depending on what type of spider you’re dealing with, although they can all generally be found in dark, cluttered spaces where other bugs are present.

A Spider Infestation Often Indicates A Bigger Problem

The main reason spiders are invading your home is because they are looking for three things: food, water, and shelter that is safe enough to reproduce in. Almost all homes provide enough moisture and clutter for the water and shelter aspects of their needs to be taken care of. The issue lies with the food: no matter what types of spiders you find in your home, they are there because there is a source of food available. Usually, this means other bugs. A spider infestation usually means that you already have bugs present in your home.

Factors That Attract Spiders Into Your Home

Prevention is the best cure. If you know what attracts spiders to your home in the first place, you can properly spider-proof your home and keep them out for good. Below are some of the things that spiders look for when trying to set up shop somewhere:

  • Vegetation and organic debris: Before you find them in your home, you will first find spiders in your yard. Having a lot of vegetation and other organic debris, such as logs and stumps, is very appealing to spiders, and the closer this organic debris is to your home, the closer they will come to your living space.

  • Clutter: Our basements, attics, garages, and closets are one of the most common places we’ll find spiders. This is because these areas tend to collect clutter and messes, which provide these arachnids with safe places for them to spin their webs and reproduce.

  • Other bugs: As stated earlier, having a pre-existing bug infestation turns your home into a buffet for spiders. 

  • Easy access points: Open windows and holes in the siding of your home allow for spiders to easily gain access to your home, which is another conducive condition that attracts them to your home.

At SureShot Pest Control, LLC, our mission is to provide Greenville residents with quality spider pest control. Our helpful technicians will pinpoint the exact conditions that make your home appealing to the spiders and implement proven prevention strategies to proof your home. 

Professional Pest Control Makes For The Best Spider Control

Whether you want to prevent spiders from invading or you are dealing with an infestation, SureShot Pest Control, LLC is right on target to help you today. We are a veteran-owned business with more than 25 years of combined pest control experience, and we are ready to help your home be spider-free today! Give us a call for a free estimate today, and let’s get you on track to a pest-free home now. 

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