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Bed Bug Control In Michigan

Comprehensive Bed Bug Control For A Better Michigan Home

Of the many types of pests present in Michigan, bed bugs are arguably one of the most troubling. While not a direct threat to people's health and safety, they do feed on human blood and leave behind itchy welts. When scratched, these welts can become infected. In addition, bed bug infestations cause stress and sleeplessness since they wait until nighttime to feed.

Our technicians feel your pain when it comes to wanting to avoid bed bugs in our area, which is why we take the fight to them for you with comprehensive pest management plans. We'll have you back in control of your home in no time!

Our Michigan Bed Bug Control Process

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Bed bugs are difficult to eliminate from your home, but it's not impossible with the right process which includes 3 treatments, two weeks apart over a month and the right equipment. Our technicians bring training and resources to your bed bug problems so you can confidently say goodbye to them quickly.

Before starting on your treatment, we always begin with an inspection of your home. We'll determine the extent of your infestation, signs of activity, hot spots, and more at this time.

Once the inspection is complete, it's time to start our latest chemical treatment for the most effective coverage possible. You will need to be out of the home for the entire process.

In addition, your mattresses and box springs should either be discarded or enclosed in bed bug-proof mattress covers. We can provide the covers at an additional cost if desired. Once the covers are in place, they must remain for a year or longer before opening or removing them.

Bed Bug Prevention Tips

Thanks to their ability to hide and nocturnal habits, it's very hard to perform effective DIY bed bug control. Instead, the key is to focus on prevention, which is easier when following these tips:

  • Check pet bedding frequently.
  • Keep your luggage off the floor when traveling.
  • Carefully inspect hotel rooms before bringing in your luggage.
  • Inspect secondhand furniture before bringing it indoors.
  • Pay attention to signs of an infestation like blood spots and more.

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you may face an active infestation. In those cases, the best thing you can do is seek professional home pest control or commercial bed bug exterminator services immediately. Don't let your bed bug problem consume you. Contact SureShot Pest Control today to request an estimate and become bed bug-free quickly and effectively!

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