Why Do I Have Fleas In My Greenville House?

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If you don't own a cat or a dog, you might not think about fleas often. These tiny pests are everywhere outdoors and plague wild creatures and tamed house pets alike. What you might not know is that fleas in Greenville can invade any home, not just ones with furry friends. If you suspect your Bedford home has a flea problem and wonder how they got inside, here are some things you should know.

What Do Fleas Look Like?

Fleas are considered difficult pests to identify, mostly because of their small size. What do fleas look like? An adult flea grows to around 1/8 of an inch long. They are dark reddish-brown and have six legs. If you have furry pets, check them for fleas by parting their fur and looking for movement. If you see tiny brown specs jumping or crawling around, chances are they are fleas. If you see other things like flea dirt or flea eggs but don't see fleas, they are most likely around and just hiding. To identify a flea infestation inside your home, check carpets, cracks and crevices, furniture, and other secluded places that might provide these pests protection.

How Dangerous Is It To Have Fleas In My House?

Despite their small size, fleas are among the more dangerous pests in our area. This insect picks up harmful disease-causing organisms from the blood it drinks and then transfers them to future hosts. If an infected flea finds its way into your home, it might spread a harmful sickness to you, your pets, or your family. If you did not know, fleas were the main spreaders of the bubonic plague, a sickness that claimed millions of lives in the 13th century. These pests are not nearly as dangerous today but still spread illnesses, including muring typhus, tungiasis, and tularemia. If you suspect your home has an active infestation, take care of your pets first, then seek professional options to fully eliminate these pests from your home.

How Did Fleas Find Their Way Into My House?

Fleas are not mobile by themselves. In order to get around, these tiny pests hitchhike on animals. Often fleas get into homes by riding on the backs of our furry friends. If you own an outdoor cat or dog, these pests will try to use them to get indoors. If you don't have pets, fleas might use other creatures to invade. Five common animals that carry fleas indoors include mice, rats, squirrels, birds, and bats. If you have been hearing rustling late a night in your wall voids, chimney, and attic, do not hesitate to call in the professionals at SureShot Pest Control for flea control in Harrodsburg and Greenville.

What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of Fleas In My House?

Whether you are dealing with just fleas or other pests as well, we have your solution at SureShot Pest Control. We are a veteran-owned and operated pest control provider that puts great effort into providing our community with top-tier flea treatment services. If you suspect your home has an active infestation, let us pay you a visit. We will send one of our licensed and highly trained Greenville home pest control technicians your way to perform a detailed inspection. They will assess pest pressures, identify entry points, and work out a custom plan to meet your individual needs. In everything we do, we are always right on time, right on target, and right for you.

Call now to learn more about our family-friendly Greenville pest control options and get a free estimate for your home and property. With us on your side, pests won't stand a chance!

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