Three Rodent Facts Many In Greenville Did Not Know

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Every Greenville resident knows that wild rodents are dangerous to have on their property, but they don't always understand that trying to get rid of rodents on their own is a bad idea. To help keep you and your property safe, we're here to explain why.

Check out these vital facts about rodents and their behavior below. And remember, our team is always here and ready to tackle your most challenging Greenville pest control problems.

Rodents Have Teeth That Never Stop Growing

Everyone is familiar with the image of rats and other rodents with long, dagger-like incisors. Common sense tells us that these teeth allow rodents to gnaw through hard substances like wood. However, those teeth are the reason why these creatures are so frequently chewing in the first place. 

All rodents have incisors that are constantly growing, but chewing helps to wear them down and keep them in shape; this is possible because the backs of these teeth aren't protected by enamel, making them softer. When rodents cannot wear these teeth down, they can cause dental problems. 

Rat bites are not only painful, but they can also spread disease. That's why we strongly advise against trying to remove these animals yourself. Instead, stay safe and let a SureShot Pest Control rodent control specialist remove them for you. Our in-depth investigation will uncover the rodents in your home, allowing for direct, immediate treatment.

Rodents Carry Pathogens Everywhere They Go

Rodents are pretty filthy. While people worry about being bitten or scratched by rodents, they spread pathogens everywhere they go through contamination. Every surface they touch risks passing on harsh diseases to you and your family.

Diseases you can get from rodents include:

  • Sylvatic typhus

  • Monkeypox

  • Rat-bite fever

  • Leptospirosis

  • Hantavirus

Some are spread by their feces and urine, contaminating the air in your home. So, even if you never physically touch a rodent, it's still putting you at risk by being present.

Fast and effective rodent control services are critical to protecting yourself from the debilitating diseases that rodents carry. Call SureShot Pest Control now for a free estimate and to learn about our pest-free guarantee. 

Rodents Are Very Aware Of Their Surroundings

Rodents are not stupid. Because they serve as prey for so many other animals, they've developed keen survival instincts that allow them to get out of even the hairiest situations. The same sense of hyperawareness that enables them to evade capture at the hands of larger foes also makes them incredibly cautious in unfamiliar surroundings. 

That makes traditional rodent traps something of a gamble. Rodents will always be wary when something new and strange enters their environment. Additionally, they tend to learn from the mistakes of others. So, even if you succeed in killing one or two, it could inadvertently make it harder to catch any others lurking in your home.

Pest control specialists understand the behaviors that make catching and removing rodents difficult. We specially train our technicians to apply this knowledge to their treatments. Our team is ready to solve even the most challenging problems.

Top Reasons To Consider Professional Rodent Control

Calling on our rodent control specialists will:

  • Keep you and your family safe while we remove the rodents.

  • Get the results you want through the most effective treatment options available.

  • In the case of infestations, it ensures that treatment targets the root of the problem. 

  • Gives you access to the tried and proven experience of those working in the industry.

SureShot Pest Control wants to show you the difference professional rodent control can make in your life. So let's work together to protect your home from these and other pests. Call us today for a free estimate, and we'll retake your home from rodents.

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