The Trick To Keeping Wasps & Hornets Away From Your Greenville Yard

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We have all experienced that neighbor, and yes, even a relative who has dropped by our home unannounced. But what’s even worse than when your in-laws extend their visit unexpectedly is when nuisance pests do the same. The difference, however, is that you can’t get these pests to leave by simply telling them. They have to be removed. 

At SureShot Pest Control, we understand this frustration, especially as it relates to hornets and wasps, which is why we provide pest control in Greenville you can count on. Stinging insects like wasps and hornets are not only irritating but can be potentially dangerous, especially for those who are allergic to their venom. Read further for more information about the various types of wasps and hornets in our area, and how you can prevent them from crashing your next outdoor event.

The Types Of Wasps & Hornets That Invade

Although most wasps and hornets that people encounter are not usually native to North America, they still managed to find their way here as an invasive species. Some of the wasps and hornets you may find in the area include:

  • Bald-faced hornets
  • Paper wasps
  • European hornets
  • Yellow jackets

Despite the fact that these insects do play a beneficial role in our ecosystem, they can be very aggressive, causing damage to property and harm to people. One sting from a wasp can be incredibly painful, and they are known to sting multiple times. For these reasons, it is important to seek professional wasp removal if you discover a nest in your yard.

Some Wasps Are More Aggressive & Dangerous Than Others

Just like with people where some can be more passive or aggressive than others, the same is also true for wasps, especially considering there are more than 20,000 different species. However, only a few types are considered to be particularly aggressive, and around 50 people die every year from adverse allergic reactions from wasp stings. Check out the list below of the most potentially dangerous types of wasps and hornets:

  • Yellow jackets
  • Paper wasps  
  • Cicada killer wasps
  • Aggressive hornets
  • Mud daubers

If you’ve discovered a nest on your property, the best course of action is to contact a wasp exterminator in Greenville immediately. It isn’t a good idea to disturb nests yourself and risk being attacked and stung. 

Six Naturally Effective Wasp & Hornet Prevention Tips

As people have adopted a more holistic lifestyle, it stands to reason that even their approach to pest prevention would also err on the natural side of things. So, we’ve put together a list of six non-toxic methods of effective wasp prevention below:

  1. Make sure all garbage cans and recycling bins have tight-fitting lids
  2. Peppermint oil may repel wasps.
  3. Fill your garden with wasp-repelling plants like marigolds, wormwood, and mint.
  4. After outdoor gatherings, make sure food and drinks are fully cleaned up.
  5. Move hummingbird feeders away from your home.
  6. Pick up any fallen or rotted fruits or berries.

These methods may prevent wasps and hornets from nesting in your yard, but if you do have an active nest, contact the professionals at SureShot Pest Control, LLC about the safest, best way to get rid of wasps in Mt. Pleasant and Greenville.

Contact The Professionals For Total Wasp Control For Your Yard 

If you require a wasp nest removal in Greenville, we have you covered. Whatever your pesky pest problem may be, our friendly and experienced team at SureShot Pest Control, LLC are top-tier, vetted, and certified professionals who take home pest control in Michigan seriously. With more than 25 years of residential and commercial pest control service under our belt, you’re in the most capable of hands. Contact us today for your free estimate.

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