The Best Ant Prevention Guide For Greenville Homeowners

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Just 20 minutes south of Bloomington lies the town of Greenville, Michigan. It has a small-town vibe, excellent schools, and great shopping venues. It also has some unique places to investigate, like the Bluespring Caverns if you're up for exploring. The local ant is a tiny explorer that likes to check out new homes, and if you're not careful, pest control in Greenville may be required.

Common Species Of Home-Invading Ants In Greenville

It doesn't matter where you live in the United States; you will battle ants in your home at some point. With so many varieties of ants in the area, knowing which ones are likely to invade your home is wise.

Three common home-invading ants in Greenville include:

  1. Carpenter ants: These ants are typically black, but they can be a combination of red/brown, red, or brown. It grows from 1/2 inch to 5/8 inches long (relatively large for an ant). They get their name because they like to tunnel through wood. While they won't eat the wood, they cause damage when they chew through wood to make their nests.

  2. Pavement ants: Normally blackish/brown, these ants grow to about 1/8 inch. Commonly found making nests under pavement cracks, they are famous for eating pretty much everything.

  3. Pharoah ants: Typically pale yellowish/red with a black abdomen and measuring 1/16 inches long, they prefer places with ample water and food sources in warm, humid areas of the house.

With so many varieties of ants scurrying about the Greenville area, it is crucial to identify which ones are causing you trouble before you treat them. For identification and help with invading ants, homeowners should call SureShot Pest Control.

The Many Problems An Ant Infestation Can Create In Homes

Even the most conscientious and proactive homeowners will battle ants; they are tiny and tenacious! You wouldn't think these little troublemakers could be anything but a nuisance, but they can cause serious problems.

Three ant problems that bring significant issues to homeowners include:

  1. Damage to structures

  2. Contamination of surfaces

  3. Spread of disease pathogens

Depending on the ant species, you may face structural issues, health issues, or both. The only way to truly ensure you have protection against all these threats is by contacting the pest professionals at SureShot Pest Control.

Six Eco-Friendly And Effective Ant Prevention Tips

Even though ants can be challenging to control, homeowners can still take some simple eco-friendly steps to put up a barrier between them and you. Prevention is critical when combating ants, and the tools you use could make a difference.

Six eco-friendly and effective ant prevention tips include:

  1. Remove standing water around your property

  2. Use dehumidifiers in areas inside that are moisture prone

  3. Cut back overhanging limbs and other plants close to your home

  4. Clean up food crumbs and spills around your home

  5. Seal any cracks and gaps around foundations, windows, and doors

  6. Use sealed food and garbage containers

You may still find yourself with an ant infestation despite your best efforts. When that happens, you may want to consider contacting SureShot Pest Control to stay pest-free in Hastings and Greenville. We have the tools and training necessary to help homeowners remove ant infestations in an eco-friendly way.

The Most Effective Ant Control For Greenville Homes

When ants make it their mission to infest your home, the best way to push them out is with help from the pest professionals at SureShot Pest Control. Our veteran-owned and operated company has 25 combined years of experience in the pest control industry. We customize our home pest control plans to meet your individual needs, so call us today for service that is right on time, right on target, and suitable for you.

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