Greenville Homeowners' Ultimate Spider Prevention Guide

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Seeing spiders everywhere in your home can be a nightmare for many Greenville homeowners and indicate that it's time to implement proper pest control and prevention tactics. Luckily, Greenville pest control specialists are standing by to ensure any spider infestation you are experiencing is taken care of for good.

Habits And Behaviors Of Common Spiders

There are a few different kinds of spiders that you may encounter around your home in the Greenville area, such as orb weavers, garden spiders, wolf spiders, and the cellar spider. These common household spiders generally share similar habits and are likely to invade your home as they pursue life’s essentials – food, water, or shelter. All types of spiders will be more active around weather changes, as the transition from winter to spring and summer to fall is when food, shelter, and water are most important.

Spiders In Your Home Can Mean Bigger Pest Problems

As we mentioned above, spiders will often enter your home searching for food. Spiders will chase ants, beetles, cockroaches, and other types of bugs into your home and set up their webs to ensnare this abundant pest prey. Your home may have more pest problems than spiders, as other insects are a significant source of spider food.

If you have a noticeable spider infestation, you should keep an eye out for the pests around your home that are bringing them inside and call SureShot Pest Control to help you with further pest prey identification.

Five No-Sweat Spider And Pest Prevention Tips

A great way to get rid of spiders naturally is to put prevention tactics for both spiders and their pest prey into place around your property.

  1. Seal up entry points around your home that spiders or pest prey may use to invade, including cracks and gaps around windows, doors, and the foundation of your home. 

  2. Invest in window and door screens to keep pests out, put weather stripping into place, and keep exterior doors and windows closed as often as possible to safeguard your home.

  3. Reduce access to food around your property by disposing of trash in tightly sealed bags, using trash cans with lids, and storing leftover food properly. Also, refrain from leaving out food and drink spills or dirty dishes as these are major pest attractors.

  4. Fix moisture issues around your homes, such as leaks and poor ventilation or drainage, preventing pools of excess water from attracting pests.

  5. Keep your yard decluttered and remove debris that pests and spiders can hide under, such as woodpiles and leaf litter. Store wood away from the home and keep the grass cut low.

Keep in mind that while these tips can help reduce the severity of a spider infestation, if you are having serious spider or pest prey issues, you should contact the professionals at SureShot Pest Control right away.

Professional Pest Control Makes For The Best Spider Control

Professional pest control is the most reliable way to go when it comes to removing spiders around your property. Our experts at SureShot Pest Control are highly skilled in spider and pest prey removal, making the process of returning your property to a peaceful pest-free place less stressful than ever.

Contact SureShot Pest Control today to get started. Don't forget to ask how we can provide comprehensive pest control in Houghton Lake, MI.

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