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Bed bugs easily qualify as one of the most worrisome pest infestations that Greenville homeowners can deal with. Bed bugs can make their way into your home in many ways without ever being noticed. Afterward, bed bug infestations can expand rapidly without being detected. And where some pests occupy themselves with the food in your pantry, bed bugs consider you the food. As long as bed bugs are in your home, you will be on their menu, and they will constantly pursue you through the night.

SureShot Pest Control professionals don’t like the sound of that any more than you do. Thankfully, we know all about bed bug control in Greenville and stand ready to be your Greenville pest control company of choice. Call us today for help with bed bugs.

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

Bed bugs are small oval-shaped insects that only grow to approximately ¼ inch long. After feeding, they become rounded and distended. They have six legs and two short antennae. They are a mahogany color but are generally reddish brown after feeding. Bed bugs do not fly, and they are not fast runners. They compensate for this by limiting their movements to nighttime, where they have a better chance of successfully accomplishing what they want to do without being disturbed. Bed bugs have been described as approximately the same size as apple seeds when fully grown. 

Bed bugs in Greenville may not be big, but they can cause big problems in your home. If you’re struggling with an infestation, just know that SureShot Pest Control knows how to get rid of bed bugs. Contact us today, and let our skills and experience come to your rescue.

Bed Bugs Can Be Found In More Than Just Beds

Although their name can lead people to believe that bed bugs isolate themselves to beds, bed bugs are highly opportunistic pests that will gladly occupy all areas of your home. Once an infestation grows, bed bugs can not only hide between mattresses and box springs but can also hide underneath carpet edges, behind wall molding, inside decorations, under light switches, and even inside power outlets. This is one of the things that makes treating bed bugs challenging. Treatments must get all the bed bugs everywhere they are to finally eliminate infestations. Leaving bed bugs in even one of these places invites them to continue the infestation.

SureShot Pest Control professionals know how to get rid of bed bugs. There is no guesswork when you hire us because we know every trick bed bugs have up their sleeves and what to do about them. Get in touch with us today.

Even Clean Homes Can Get Bed Bugs

Another misconception is that bed bugs are more likely to infest dirty homes than clean ones. Bed bugs are less concerned about the condition of a home than they are about the availability of blood-bearing hosts. If a bed bug makes its way into even the cleanest of homes and finds people there to feed on, it will be perfectly happy. While it’s true that a consistent regimen of cleaning your home can help decrease the likelihood of getting a severe bed bug infestation, there is no guarantee that you will not eventually deal with them.

A bed bug infestation should not embarrass you but should instead make you determined to get rid of them. SureShot Pest Control's bed bug control professionals think the same way. Contact us today, because we know how to kill bed bugs and want to help you.

It Takes The Professional Touch To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Ineffective DIY pest control techniques are one of the best ways to ensure the continuing bed bug infestation. You can find your frustration mounting as the infestation persists. Instead of trying to figure things out on your own, call sure SureShot Pest Control today. We know how to treat bed bugs.

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