Wildlife Trapping In Michigan

Nuisance Wildlife In Michigan Homes & Businesses

There are many different wildlife species in Michigan, and while that thought can seem sort of exciting, the reality is a whole other story. The presence of wildlife can present a real danger to your property as well as your health. They contaminate your space, leave droppings and urine everywhere they go, and compromise food sources. The wide-scale contamination caused by wildlife infestations exposes you to a variety of illnesses, bacterial infections, and diseases, like tuberculosis, ulcers, tularemia, and spotted fever, to name a few. Additionally, some wildlife bite when threatened, and they can easily transmit rabies.

When it comes to property damage, wildlife activity can lead to the complete destabilization of your structure. Wildlife cause damage to wood, cables, and wires and can destroy insulation. They also ruin your yard and garden, devouring all vegetation, using materials to create nests, and consuming organic matter. To avoid these dangers, the best thing to do is secure professional wildlife detection, removal, and prevention services. That's where we come in. Here at SureShot Pest Control, we offer dependable pest control that provide the thorough protection you deserve. 

Our Michigan Wildlife Control Service

raccoons on the edge of a roof

Our wildlife control process begins with an in-depth inspection of your property's interior and exterior. We work hard to detect all wildlife activity and nesting sites, harborage areas, and conducive conditions. Below are some of the things we look at during our comprehensive property inspection:

  • We look for any indications of animal trails running along the sides of the house to give us an idea of where wildlife is traveling, which can often lead us to their harborage spots.
  • We detect all areas where there are signs of wildlife chewing and gnawing on the structure. We'll also listen for any strange sounds coming from the ceiling or inside the walls.
  • We look for all apparent entry points, such as gaps, holes, cracks, and crevices, in the structure to determine what repairs you need.
  • We thoroughly inspect all vents, chimney caps, attics, crawl spaces, and cellars, looking for conducive conditions and nesting areas.

After we finish the inspection, we will provide you with a detailed estimate of the needed exclusion work. From raccoons, skunks, and squirrels to snakes, opossums, and chipmunks – we've got you covered. We're here to take care of any creature causing a nuisance around your home. Professional services are the best way to protect your property from wildlife infestations. Our nuisance wildlife solutions include the following services:

  • Accessing and removing nests in remote hard-to-get-to areas
  • Preventing future nesting inside your shed and other parts of your structure
  • Deterring mites, ticks, and other parasites that expose you to further infestation
  • Trapping wildlife efficiently and humanely
  • Funneling pests into traps for two weeks and offering full removal of any captured
  • Relocating wildlife to appropriate locations and keeping them out of your space

Trust Your Local Wildlife Experts

If you're looking for guaranteed safety from a wildlife infestation, there's no better way to go than to secure ongoing pest control services from your residential or commercial pest professionals. The SureShot Pest Control professionals are highly familiar with local wildlife species and have the necessary experience to trap ad remove them from local homes and businesses. Dealing with a wildlife invasion is much too big to deal with yourself, and with our help, you don't have to. Call us today to find out if you live in our pest control service area and to set up your initial inspection.

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