What To Do About A Mole Problem In Your Greenville Yard

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Moles are small mammals that primarily live underground and consume types of insects. Moles have bodies that usually measure six or seven inches long and are covered in greyish fur that typically covers their eyes. Moles use their strong claws to burrow or tunnel through the soil, representing a significant concern among homeowners seeking to maintain attractive lawn and garden areas.

Are you struggling to determine the best mole control methods?  Moles can quickly create unsightly damage that may be costly to repair. Rather than trying do-it-yourself remedies, contact the pros. A local service provider of mole control in Greenville is properly trained and equipped to get the job done and will stand behind the quality of their work.  

How To Identify Mole Damage In Your Yard

Moles often invade lawns that contain insects, including grubs, beetles, slugs, ants, and types of larvae. One of the telltale signs of mole activity is the presence of molehills, elevated piles, or mounds of excavated soil. Patterned dead or elevated grass areas are often noticeable above tunnels created by moles; in some cases, even plants might be uprooted.

Are you wondering how to control moles in your yard? Moles can create significant damage in a short period, meaning that local homeowners should swiftly respond after initially detecting mole-related activity on their properties. Keep in mind that healthy lawns sometimes attract more of the insects that moles eat, so diligently monitoring the conditions is important.

The Damage Moles Can Cause To Your Lawn

Although moles can be beneficial by naturally aerating the soil, they are also potentially destructive in residential settings. The tunnels they form will damage the root systems that harm grass, plants, and other items in yard areas.  Aside from harming aesthetics, moles may create safety concerns that potentially result from slip-and-fall accidents.

Have you noticed some of these signs of damage? Promptly contact a local provider of pest management solutions for assistance. The pros know the most effective mole pest control methods and will efficiently expel these critters.

Four Naturally Effective Tips To Prevent Moles In Your Yard

What are some of the most effective preventative measures for property owners in the Greenville area to consider for controlling nuisance moles? Here are four viable tips:

  1. Dig a trench around areas where moles might create tunnels and fill them with rocks.

  2. Construct an in-ground barrier using hardware cloth or fence-style material to prevent tunneling.

  3. Some types of plants have repellent properties, including alliums, marigolds, and daffodils.

  4. Treat the yard area for grubs, a favorite food for moles.

While these tips represent practical ways of preventing moles, those with an active problem involving these pests should consult a local home pest control professional. An experienced pest control company understands how to control moles in the garden and lawn area.

Contact The Pros For Effective Mole Removal And Control

Are you a homeowner in the Greenville area looking for the best mole control product to buy? Most home treatment options sold by local retailers prove insufficient against these difficult pests; therefore, contacting a Greenville pest control professional is strongly encouraged.

Since 2007, SureShot Pest Control has remained among the leading mole exterminators in Greenville. After reaching out to our team for assistance, one of our skilled service technicians will visit the property and perform a detailed assessment of the situation. This inspection is a critical initial step providing us with the information necessary to create a customized treatment plan.

Contact our office for details today for high-quality pest management solutions and industry-leading customer service in the greater Greenville region.

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