Treating For Bed Bugs In Greenville Could Be A Piece Of Cake

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With winter fast approaching, pest control in Greenville is on everyone's mind. The concern is not unfounded; with temperatures dropping, many common house pests will be looking for shelter. Bed bugs are one pest that cannot survive outdoors in below-freezing temperatures; as such, bed bug control is important for every Greenville resident.

Bed bugs are parasitic insects, meaning they live off of the nutrients provided by another living organism. Bed bugs require the blood of warm-blooded animals to survive and develop. Bed bugs have notoriously lived in the bedding of humans in order to secure a bloodmeal, thus their name. Unfed bed bugs appear as flat, oval, and brown. Once engorged, bed bugs appear dark reddish-brown with plump bodies.

The Lifecycle Of The Greenville Bed Bug

Bed bugs can live up to a year under good conditions. Female bed bugs lay approximately five eggs every single day, which is why bed bug infestations Greenville can get out of hand fast. Bed bug eggs look like tiny grains of white rice. Within three weeks, the bed bug eggs hatch into nymphs. There are five nymphal stages before the bed bugs reach adulthood. It takes roughly three weeks for bed bugs to move from the first nymph stage to adulthood. Bed bugs must molt between stages and require a bloodmeal to advance to their next phase.

What's It Like To Live With A Bed Bug Infestation?

Living with bed bugs is not only mentally draining, it is also physically uncomfortable. Despite the common belief, bed bugs do not only target those who have dirty homes. Anyone in Greenville could fall victim to bed bugs; this is because bed bugs are notorious hitchhikers. They infest clothes, furniture, luggage, and electronics. A simple visit to an infested location could send you home with an infestation of your own, regardless of your space's cleanliness. Additionally, taking home secondhand items or gifts could also be a perfect ride for a bed bug. 

Signs of a bed bug infestation may be easily overlooked or go unnoticed. Knowing the red flags to watch for and how to check for bed bugs can help homeowners put a stop to a bed bug infestation before it grows. Bed bugs often hide in mattress folds, sheets, behind headboards, bedside tables, and beneath wallpaper. Bed bugs leave behind fecal stains in the places that they hide. Additionally, small eggs and molted bed bug skins can also be found in places where bed bugs frequent. Bed bug skins that are shed appear as pale husks in the vague shape of bed bugs. 

A bed bug infestation, fortunately, does not pose a threat to your health. Although these parasitic insects bite and feed on your blood, they have not been shown to spread disease. While some humans have allergic reactions to bed bug bites, most will be left with a small bump or rash. Bed bug saliva causes the bites to itch and become red. Finding these itchy bumps on your body can be another sign that you have a bed bug infestation.

Five Simple Ways To Keep The Bed Bugs Away

The most natural pest control for bed bugs is prevention. There are several things that Greenville residents can do to prevent bed bugs from entering their homes, such as:

  1. Inspect places of high traffic, such as hotels, before staying.

  2. Sweep and vacuum often.

  3. Check luggage after a trip before bringing it back into your home.

  4. Regularly wash your bedding and dry on high heat.

  5. Thoroughly examine secondhand furniture and clothing before bringing them home and properly clean them before using them.

These tips can go a long way towards keeping your home bed bug-free!

Permanent Bed Bug Removal

If bed bugs are already in your home, then working with local pest control for bed bugs is the only solution. The professional pest control team at SureShot Pest Control can treat your home to permanently remove bed bugs and prevent them from returning. We at SureShot Pest Control are dedicated to providing top-tier service you can count on. For peace of mind and a pest-free home, reach out to SureShot Pest Control today!

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