The Best Way To Drive Off Moles In Bedford

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If you're looking for pest control in Bedford, you're in excellent hands with SureShot Pest Control. Many people think about pest control when they have an insect infestation in their home. However, Bedford residents should not forget about small mammals and wildlife that may invade their homes. Moles are one of the most common types of small mammals to infest your Bedford property. Learning more about moles can keep these and other outdoor pests away from your home.

How To Tell If You Have A Mole In Your Yard

Moles are small mammals, only about 4 to 7 inches in length, with dark fur and oversized claws used for digging. Moles have very sensitive snouts that help compensate for their poor eyesight, and they eat worms and soil-dwelling insects. Moles are solitary creatures that mainly live beneath the ground; because of this, it is rare to actually see the mole, or moles, in your yard. Some key signs that a mole is present are:

  • Uprooted or dead plants that are caused by tunneling. Moles can produce up to 150 feet of tunnels per day.
  • Patches of dead grass caused by the destruction of grass root systems.
  • Piles of dirt, holes, or mole-hills spread throughout your yard.

While these signs may be obvious, sometimes they are harder to spot. This is why it is best to consult a professional pest control team like SureShot Pest Control to ensure that moles are properly identified.

What Kind Of Things Attract Moles To Your Yard?

If you have noticed signs of moles on your property, you may be wondering what attracted them to your yard in the first place. Unfortunately, moles are most attracted to healthy lawns. A healthy lawn will have lush, green grass and soft soil. Soft soil is the easiest to dig through and has a plethora of insects and grubs for the mole to munch on. You may notice mole activity increase after a rain storm when the soil is at its softest.

How To Repel Moles Naturally

Moles aren't all bad. They offer natural, free aeration for your lawn and eat crop-destroying insects! Still, the desire for mole control is understandable and advised, as moles can cause damage to gardens. Additionally, mole holes are a tripping hazard and a cosmetic issue for lawn enthusiasts. 

The most natural way to repel moles from your yard is to erect a barrier. Placing wire mesh around plant roots is a great way to prevent moles and other burrowing animals from accessing the plant's roots and causing harm. Additionally, chicken wire can be placed beneath all raised flower beds before laying down soil and seed. A boundary fence dug deep into the ground can help deter these animals from your yard. Alternatively, a trench dug three feet deep and filled with rocks can act as a barrier around your property to keep moles out.

The Best Mole Traps For Effective Pest Control

If moles are already an issue on your Bedford property, then mole removal is the best solution. Humane mole control should always be handled by a professional. Fortunately, SureShot Pest Control is an expert at controlling moles in your yard. We will inspect your yard and set up a mole-baiting system to humanely and safely remove the moles from your yard. We are known for getting to the root of the problem and offering a cure, not a quick fix. With more than a decade of experience and no long-term contracts or commitments, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Reach out to SureShot Pest Control today for service in Bedford, and pest control in Oolitic!

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